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  Essential tourist map for Extremadura - main routes, towns and other places of interest

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Map of Extremadura by About-Spain.net enhanced from an original from the open-source OpenStreetMap.org.

Map of Extremadura

The autonomous community of Extremadura - capital M�rida.
Map showing the main sites of interest for tourists and visitors, and the principal road network. For information on the places mentioned on this map, see the About-Spain.net Extremadura guide page.
UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Extremadura:
     Roman archaeological ensemble of M�rida,  Old town of Caceres,  Royal Monastery of Guadalupe
UNESCO Biosphere Reserve - Monfrag�e National Park
Road map of Spain 

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Extremadura airports

Extramadura has no airports except a small airport in Badajoz, served only by a few domestic flights.
The nearest international airports for Extremadura are Seville in the south, or Lisbon or Madrid
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