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The regions of Spain

Spain's regions, or "autonomous communities"

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Map of the main administrative regions of Spain

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 A simple map showing the "Autonomous communities" or regions of Spain, and their capitals. Spanish regions are decentralized administrative areas; the extent of the decentralized powers varies from region to region. Four of the regions - Catalonia, the Valencian Community, the Basque Country and Galicia, also have their own languages, which are co-official languages along with Castillian (Spanish).

Regions of Spain map

Map Key:  
C = Cantabria    CV = Communidad Valenciana, or Valencian community  
M = Madrid region   MU = Murcia  PV = Pais Vasco, or Basque country    
= Navarre     R = Rioja    
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Cordoba - mosque and bridge
Andalucia - Crdoba - cathedral and mezquita from the "Roman" bridge

Mallos de Riglos
Aragon -.. Mallos de Riglos

Trujillo Plaza mayor
Extremadura - Trujillo's main square on a warm May evening
Bougainvillia grows profusely in the mild Atlantic climate of Spain's coastal regions, north and south.

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